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Many homeowners in Metro Detroit are making the switch to epoxy brush coating. This innovative method gives old pipes a brand-new feel without the hassle and mess traditional repairs usually involved. The epoxy creates a smooth, durable layer inside your pipes, ensuring they last longer and remain leak-free.

But the benefits don’t stop there. One of the best parts? Minimal digging. Your beautiful yard remains intact, and you won’t be hit with surprise landscaping bills. And over time, this method proves cost-effective, saving homeowners both stress and money. If you’re after a modern, efficient way to maintain your pipes, epoxy brush coating is the solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy brush coating is a trenchless method of restoring the interior of pipes by applying a special epoxy resin, enhancing pipe durability and sealing off minor damages.

When properly applied, epoxy brush coatings can extend the life of your pipes for up to 50 years, depending on usage and external factors.

The pipes need a thorough cleaning, usually with hydro jetting, to remove debris and scale, ensuring the epoxy adheres properly.

Most pipes, including cast iron, PVC, and clay, can be treated. However, a preliminary inspection will confirm if your pipes are suitable.

Only minimally. The epoxy layer is thin, so any reduction in diameter won't notably affect flow.

Yes. Once cured, the epoxy material used is safe for potable water and won't contaminate the supply.

It's ideal for sealing minor damages. For larger cracks or holes, other repair methods might be recommended.

Typically, the whole process, from cleaning to curing, can be completed within a day, but it might vary based on pipe length and condition.

The curing process is more about the internal conditions of the pipe than external weather, but extremely cold or hot conditions might require adjustments.

A professional inspection will determine the pipe's condition and if epoxy brush coating is the best solution for your specific situation.

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