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Welcome to Michigan Trenchless Solutions, based right here in Lincoln Park. We specialize in the innovative technique of trenchless pipe lining—a hassle-free way to fix underground pipes. Instead of big, disruptive digs that ruin your yard or driveway, this method lets us repair pipes without all that mess. Homeowners are raving about how it saves their landscapes and gets the job done quickly.

Businesses are also jumping on board. They appreciate how trenchless repairs mean less downtime, allowing them to get back to work sooner. At Michigan Trenchless Solutions, we take pride in bringing this modern, efficient, and landscape-friendly solution to our clients throughout Metro Detroit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's a modern method to repair pipes without digging up the entire line. Instead, a new liner is inserted and cured inside the existing pipe.

Usually, the process can be completed in a day, but it might vary depending on the pipe's condition and length.

Absolutely! It can extend the life of your pipes by several decades, often matching or even outlasting traditional repairs.

No! That's the beauty of trenchless methods. It significantly reduces or even eliminates the need for digging.

While the upfront cost might be higher, when you consider the saved expenses in landscaping and reduced downtime, it often proves more cost-effective in the long run.

Most pipes can be, but an initial inspection will determine if trenchless pipe lining is suitable for your specific situation.

The liners are typically made of a durable, resin-saturated felt tube which is cured inside the existing pipe.

Yes! It minimizes ground disruption, which means fewer trees get harmed and less waste is produced.

Absolutely. The liner creates a seamless "pipe within a pipe," eliminating joints and resisting root intrusion.

Typically, within a few hours after the lining has been cured, but it can vary based on specific job conditions.

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