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Michigan Trenchless Solutions is the trusted name for sewer repair across Metro Detroit. Homeowners especially appreciate our trenchless method. Why? It means no digging, no mess, and no stress. Your gardens, driveways, and landscapes stay intact. The beauty of your home remains undisturbed, just as you love it.

Traditional repair methods can tear up yards, leading to additional expenses and headaches. With our approach, you avoid these pitfalls. Not only do you save on potential landscape repairs, but you also enjoy a smoother, more efficient service. For those who value both their property and peace of mind, Michigan Trenchless Solutions is the clear choice. We’re here for you, ensuring quality work without the unnecessary disruptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's a modern way to fix sewer pipes. Instead of digging up parts of your lawn and the huge messy aftermath, we use techniques like pipe lining or bursting. This means less damage to your yard and a much faster repair.

Traditional methods involve a lot of digging, often disrupting your entire yard. With trenchless, we limit the digging. Your garden and driveway stay mostly untouched.

Initially, it might seem pricier. But think about the savings: no big yard repairs, no replanting, and less downtime. Over time, trenchless often proves more cost-effective.

It's a durable solution. The repairs are designed to last for decades. Many homeowners enjoy over 50 years of a problem-free sewer line after trenchless repairs.

For most issues, absolutely. A detailed inspection will determine the right approach, ensuring the best solution tailored to your specific problem.

Most jobs are wrapped up in a day. However, depending on the damage and method we use, times can vary slightly. But it's generally quick.

Absolutely. With minimal digging, there's less disruption to the environment. Fewer trees get damaged, and less waste is produced. It's a greener choice.

The materials we use in trenchless repairs are resilient. They're designed to resist tree roots, ensuring a long-lasting barrier against those pesky intrusions.

Some signs are slow draining sinks, unpleasant odors, or unexpected soggy areas in the yard. If you notice these, a video inspection can give a clear picture of any issues.

Yes, they are! Trenchless methods use top-notch materials, making repairs just as sturdy, if not more so, than old ways. Plus, they're built to last for years.

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